Me Muhammad Usman Ali, a lecturer at Directorate of Workers Education, Regional Center, Gujranwala, Pakistan. Also a web developer, a motivational speaker and CEO of Dunya Affairs.

In this website, you will get my articles related to life and these articles assist you to understand the realities more closely than before. There is also a forum for your solutions.


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Grasp every chance that lead you to success.



Education is the only way to raise your voice in this world.


Need is the basic reality of life but actually what’s the need, is matter. Sometimes, overcome these realities but sometimes overwhelmed by these realities. Why you need your needs? Why you are in fear of losing? Why you find solutions, until you know that you have to die and all will finish one day? Why relations exist and after sometimes pass away? A lot of questions unanswered. But don’t be worry because you have to live once and fulfill the requirements that will help you here and after death. Think deep about yourself and all will happen great in-front of you. You all have the abilities like the great people who are great by virtue of their hard working and determination, find yourself and avail yourself.

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Never Get Tired Of Your Efforts.

              -Muhammad Usman Ali

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Stay blessed.

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