How to create an Email Account

Email (Electronic mail) account is used to connect socially and to exchange the messages including files also. Email is your identity using internet. Many websites give the facility to create an email account like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Outlook and more. These websites save our information in their servers so, we can use this information anywhere and anytime. To create an email account following steps help you:

  1. Select the mail site

The foremost step is to select the mail website in which you desire to make an email account. Websites including Gmail, Ymail, Hotmail, Outlook and more are used to create an email account. Select anyone of the following and create your email account. All of them have about same functionality.

  1. Signup or Create an Account

create an account

Use Create an Account link to create an Email Account. signup

Use Signup to create an Email Account.

As you have selected the website in which you are going to create an email account. Open the site, there you see a button of Signup or Create Account. Click the following button that will take you to the form where you can create an email account.

  1. Write Name

name After clicking the button, the very first thing is to write your name as FIRST NAME and LAST NAME. There is a difference between the both names. First name is the name by which you are called and the Last name is your surname. Write the names in the correct position and in the correct box.

  1. Select a Username

username The most important step to create an email account is to select the username. Username is the identity by which you are known using internet. All the users try to select the easiest username but about billions of accounts have already been registered with different usernames that is why it becomes difficult to find an appropriate username. Try to find a username that is most relevant to you. You can use period also namely full stop (.) or underscore (_) within the username to find the best and appropriate username. If the username already used, you will see a message (username is not available) with suggestions. Use anyone of the suggestions for your username or try again to find.

  1. Create a Password

password Password is an authentication to prove your identity to get access to your account. Try to use a strong password. You can use alphabets, numbers and special characters (pronunciations) to make your password. Use all of the following to have the strongest password that is hard to break. The password should have minimum 8 characters. Use a capital alphabet, small alphabet, numbers and also the special characters for a strongest password (for example, TuMor$123). Write the password in create a password and write the same password in confirm your password.

  1. Write Date of Birth and Gender

birthday, gender Now, it is time to write your date of birth. First select the Month of your birth, then the day means the date of your birth and at-last write the year of your birth. Try to write the exact month, day and year of your birth. Gender is either male or female. Use the other in case if you’re neither male nor female. Use your suitable gender.

  1. Write the country and Zip Code

location This step is not always used but this is helpful to find your location. Therefore, write the country where you live and also write the zip code of your city. Zip code is basically a postal code that is used by United States Postal Service. All of the cities have different postal address that is why they have different postal codes or zip codes.

  1. Write the Phone Number

phone To write the phone number, the first thing is to select your country code like for Canada +1. After selecting the country code write your number in the next box. Use your mobile phone number because you will receive messages if needed.

  1. Verify yourself

verification This is also a useful step not only for you but also for the websites. Because robotic emails can also be created which is harmful. Therefore, write the captcha or the code which is a challenging response test to verify that you are not a robot in the blank box for security reasons. This verification will prove that you are not a robot. If the code is difficult to understand then regenerate another code by using symbol recaptcha.

  1.  Alternate Email

alternate email This is another email that is already registered. You can use any email of your friend or relative. This email will receive the confirmation of your new email. You can leave it blank because this is optional but helpful if you will receive any type of problem later.

  1.  Check the Policy & Term of Service

agreement You have to check or tick mark the agreement to ensure that you have followed all the instructions given in the policy and term of services. If you have enough time then it is good to read it out because this includes the policies for you and also the term of services with which you are facilitated.

  1.  Create Email account

create After the successful completion of the above steps, you just have to click the Create Account button. Sometimes, this button named as Next. After clicking the same button, either you will receive the problem in the above steps or the email account will create successfully. If the problem occur then check the above steps and edit them to overcome the problem. Now enjoy with your New Email Account.


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