How to Create a Google Adsense Account

Google Adsense is a Google ads service. Google is providing an adsense facility to earn money online. This is probably a difficult task to get an adsense account from google now a days. Due to some fake consumers, google is not compromising. In order to get an adsense account, you should have to make a blog with your own contents.

These steps can help you to create a Google Adsense account.

1.    Google Adsense Website

Google Adsense Website

Google Adsense Account


The first step is to visit the Google Adsense website. If you already have a Gmail account then you can use it. But in case, you have no account then click on button “Get Started Now”. Do remember, Google Adsense is working on your Gmail account.

2.    Select your Google Account

Select your Google Account


Now you either have to create a Gmail account or use the existing one. If you select “No, create a new Google Account”, then it will take you to create account or signup location. And if you select “Yes, proceed to Google Account Sign in”, then it will take you to sign in location. Select any one accordingly.

3.    Write About Your Content

Write about content


After sign in to your Gmail Account, this is time to enter the URL of your website. Actually, you are giving instructions to Google Adsense about where you like to display the ads. URL is a Universal Resource Locator, the address of your website or your full domain name. Enter it properly. Now select content language means select the language of your blog or website content, either it is English or any other.

It is a good advice for you that “all the content in your blog or website should not be copied”.

4.    Read the Terms & Conditions

Google Adsense Conditions

Google Adsense Conditions

Google Adsense Conditions

Google Adsense Conditions


It is crucial to read the Google Adsense Program Policies and Terms & Conditions. Because these instructions give you the right path to use the service. As you are a publisher, and a few rules are mentioned regarding to publisher. Publisher is an individual or a company who is responsible for the distribution of digital or printed publications. If a publisher violates the Program Policies and Terms & Conditions then Google will take action and get back all given facilities at any time to publisher. After reading all the conditions, click Continue.

5.    Submit Your Adsense Application

In this application, you have to provide your contact information. So that the Google can understand you and also your location. Provide these information carefully and attentively.

Submit your Adsense App-1


·       Select your country and also time zone, according to your country’s GMT.

·       Select your account type, either Individual or Business. This account type can’t change later, so decide properly. The account type is available according to the requirements of your country.

Submit your Adsense App-2


·       Payee Name is the name of the person who can get the money from Adsense. Payee Name should match to your bank account and once you choose a payee name, you may not be able to change it later. Check it twice or thrice until you have the exact one.

·       Write your address in the next box, write the name of the street and also the house number.

·       Write your city or town in the next box. Don’t write the city name in the previous box with your street address.

·       Write the phone number and do remember, don’t forget to write the country code. It will be an easy access to you. (Example: write the phone number as +912221234567, here +91 is the country code).

·       Select any one of the option that is more suited to you which explains, how you know about the Adsense or how you reach to Adsense.

·       Email preferences are important because they always relate us with upcoming policies, suggestions, offers and other useful information. But you can use this option on custom basis means as you like you have.

·       Check out thoroughly once again and press the button “Submit my application”.

Now place the ads where you like in your website.

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