How to Create a HTML Web Page

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language is a High Level Language used to create web pages. HTML is easy to learn with its elements. The tags are used to write the language. To start a web page, you must know the basic tags of the HTML Language. The easy way to learn HTML is to do practice not to learn orally. Now it is easy to make a web page using tags in HTML by the following steps.

  1. Where to write

where I start

This is the foremost step to know where I should write the HTML Language. HTML Language can be written in Notepad software which is easily available in the MS Windows. Go to the Start Menu  –>  All Programs  –>  Accessories  –>  Notepad. Notepad is a simple text editor also used as a source code editor. You can also use Notepad++ as a source code editor. It is more reliable for coding purpose.

  1. Opening & Closing Tags

opening & closing tags

Before starting HTML language it is good to know where the information (codes) will be written. So remember, all the HTML codes are written inside the opening tag (<  >) and the closing tag (</  >) in HTML Language.

  1. Select the Language

Tell the Language

It is obvious that you are going to create a HTML Web Page. Therefore, it is important that Notepad also understand the HTML Language. For this, write the starting HTML tag as <HTML> and the closing or ending HTML tag as </HTML>. Write the starting HTML tag (<HTML>) at the beginning and the closing HTML tag (</HTML>) at the end of the Language.

  1. Know the Head

head tag

The HTML Head Tag gives general information about the metadata (it is the data about data). Its opening tag is <HEAD> and the closing tag is </HEAD>.

  1. Write the Title

title tag

The title of the page which is displayed in the title bar of the web page or which is displayed in the bookmark page is written between the <TITLE> and </TITLE>. Write the title tag in the head section or inside the Head Tag. So, that the title can display properly in the title bar.

  1. To define Body

body tag

All the content of the Web page is placed in the Body of the HTML Language. This tag starts after the closing tag of head. The opening tag of the body is <BODY> and the closing tag is </BODY>. All the required tags used within the content are placed between the Body Tag.

  1. Write a Paragraph

paragrapgh tag

The paragraph tag is used to define the text in paragraph. The opening of Paragraph Tag is <P> and closing is </P>. All the paragraph should be written inside the Body Tag of the HTML Language.

  1. Break the Line

break tag

This Tag is more used Tag in HTML Language. To break a line, use the Break Tag <br>, <br/> or <br />. This is a different tag from other HTML tags. Break Tag is used to break a line and start from another line or it creates a line between two lines.

  1. Give a Heading

heading tag

There are six types of Heading Tags from <h1> to <h6>. Very first heading tag is <h1> and the least heading tag is <h6> and the others <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5> are between these heading tags. The opening of the Heading Tag is <h1> and closing is </h1>. Use heading tag where you need a heading and give the heading tag which is more suited to your heading.

  1. Use an image

image tag

An image can also be insert in the HTML Language by the using the Image Tag. The opening of Image Tag is < img scr=”URL”> and closing is </img>. URL stands for Universal resource Locator, is the address of the image where it is located. Write the full path of the image, so that the image can easily be accessible.

  1. Save HTML Page

save HTML page

After writing the HTML Language, it is easy to save it as a web page. You can select the Save option from the File Menu or use the shortcut key Ctrl + S to save the file. The extension to save HTML Web Page is (.html). Simply write the name of the file with the extension like name.html and then press ok.

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