How to create a Presentation

Presentation is the best way to share or to represent the ideas. It is no doubt a responsible activity to present the topic in front of the audience with precise and pertinent material.

A few steps involve to create a Presentation.


  1. Selection of Data


Data is the collection of raw facts and figures. Before creating a presentation, one must have to get the relevant data for the topic. Once the data is selected, it will be easy to manage it in the slides. It should be kept in mind that there is difference between an Article and a Presentation. So, firstly write the data in rough manner and then select with relevance of the topic. The purpose of data selection is to talk not to write.


  1. Make Slides Effective and Animated


Slides are pages of a presentation and these are the most important tools for creating a presentation. Slides should be arranged in numbers with the related data because during presentation, data is in continuous manner.

Use the design tool for suitable and relevant themes and a few themes are also available on the web. Effective visual give effective results. Use the animation for the slides and also for the objects but keep in mind more animation required more time. So, keep it less animated.


  1. Use Bullet Points


Keep your text simple by using bullets. By using bullet points, it is easy to elaborate the topic in simple and categorical way. Each point can easily be represented by bullet points.


  1. Readable for Audience


Keep the text readable for the audience. There are different font styles. Try to use the one that can easily be read from a distance. Use the most appropriate font like ‘Arial’ it is highly recommended font style. Font size can also be increased using the shortcut key Ctrl + ] or Ctrl + Shift + > in MS PowerPoint. It is necessary to keep the audience attentive during presentation.


  1. Spelling & Grammar

spelling and grammar

Spelling is the forming of words from letters whereas the grammar is the set of rules to explain how the words are used in a language. For good impression in your writing and to clearly promote the meaning of the topic, it is necessary to check the spellings and grammar mistakes. F7 is the shortcut key to spell check and Shift + F7 for Thesaurus (dictionary) in MS PowerPoint.

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