How to control anger?

It is a situation linked to the emotions. A long-term anger is injurious not only for mental but for physical health. People near us are really struggling more and more to get rid it off but in vain. Here, I have mentioned a few practical tips that will help to control anger.

It’s our right to have better life.

Exercise Regularly

The person who is physically fit has more power to fight than a weak person. Exercises like running, swimming, yoga which engage you more are good for your concentration. In this way, the reasons of anger come to your mind but they are in calm position. Now you have time to find a calm solution for your anger.

Your mental disorders need solutions, if you are deprived of the possible solutions that make you anger then you have no reason to like or love others to whom you anger.

Exercises help to make you calm and give you time that is actually yours.

Write to Fight

Writing is one the best suitable way to overwhelm the anger. First write the incidents that make you anger. If you are not recognized by the problem then how could you fix it?

After writing the reasons of anger, stay peaceful and write more how to fix these.

Why you not make your ways by yourself?

It is also a good habit to write about yourself because it helps you to recognize yourself. Once you are aware of yourself then no matter you will be succeed.

Read to Succeed

Reading helps more to relax the nerves. This is because the mind’s concentration is on reading that relax the muscles of the heart. Actually, distraction from the way you anger helps you to relief from anger. Try to read books according to your interest.

Pray to God

The most important way to get rid of anger is to pray. Whenever, you are unable to find the suitable solution then, bow before God and pray to HIM. HE absolutely knows all of our problems including external or internal. Be calm and say “O dear God! I am struck of anger and I like to escape of it. Please help me. I leave my problem before You and You are the only Who can eradicate these from my life.”

After that, you realize a mind relaxation and a hope for betterment.

No doubt, there is peace in praying and the concentration in praying will also help to control anger.

God help those who help themselves.

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5 thoughts on “How to control anger?

  1. I like the topic specially write to fight because it is a great deal with yourself. You either like to write about you or not but simultaneously benefit lies for you.

  2. THE Person who is not physically fit and not more powerful and he also do exercise you mentioned like running and play different physical games but besides of these he also get anger…
    what suggestions for this type of person ???

    • A great saying by the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) that “The great wrestler (pehlwan) is one who stay patience during his anger.”
      And the unfit person can write to fight, can read to succeed and can pray to Allah Almighty. In this way, he can be able to control anger.

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