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As the scientists have proved that the money is a part of happiness in life. Therefore, we all are in the race of getting more and more money. But take care of a thing, the money you earn should be legal. The graduates or under graduates like to have a source of money for pocket use. Many unemployed people use illegal ways to have money in life that is unpleasant for the rest of life. However, there is no need to panic because internet is providing sources of making money. Many companies need people for their tasks and for this purpose; they give employment to unemployed people. Are you unemployed? Do you like to make money via internet? Use the following ways for making money online.


  1. Create a blog

create a blog

To create something requires some knowledge. And to create a blog, one should have basic knowledge of internet and more knowledge of the goal to create a blog. As Google has created search engine because Google’s goal was to create a search engine, Facebook has created a social media because Facbook’s goal was to create a social media. In the same way, you have to decide for what purpose you are going to create a blog. If you know the purpose then no matter you can make money online. If you have created a software and want to sale then you can also use a blog for this purpose.

Use Open Source (Free) ways to create your blog like:






  1. Make money with Adsense


Adsense is one of the legal, secure and authentic way to make money online. Adsense provides ads relevant to your blog. Place the ads according to Adsense policies so that Adsense can help you further. To make an Adsense account is like to make an email account. After making an account place the adsense code in your blog.  When you place the ads to your blog then use social media to explore your content. Always try to use unique content in your blog. Copied content will not be appreciated in search engines. You can share google ads to other blogs and can share money too.


  1. PTC Sites


Make money online with PTC (Paid to click) websites. This is also a reliable and easy way to make money. There are many trusted and highest paying PTC sites online for many years. You just have to make an email account in a PTC website. They will offer you advertisements to whom you click and in return you will make money. This is not a difficult task but you have to check your account twice or thrice a day to view the ads. The premium members make money faster than the free members. There are also categories of the premium accounts, use any one according to your pocket. Free accounts work like a lazy cattle and premium accounts run fast.

The most trusted and authentic PTC sites are:



Paid Verts


There are many other sites which are working in your region for making money online but number of such sites is fake and fraud. They persuade you to deposit money to their accounts but later you will never even meet them. So, be careful.


  1. Data Entry

data entry job

A data entry job refers to member of a staff who updates data into a computer system. You mostly call him a clerk. But when you talk about data entry job to make money online then there is a little difference. Polish your typing skills to get a data entry job. Typing skills can be improved by using tutorials and softwares.

Many sites provide facilities of online data entry jobs where you have to put your time in writing captcha. A captcha is a type of challenge test used to determine whether the user is a human or not. The sites offering captcha for making money online are:



Trusted Captcha Work

And many other sites also offer captcha to make money.

Check out the data entry jobs in odesk, freelancer and elance websites.


  1. Use Skills

use skills

Your skills never wasted. It is good to get skills first and then make online money. In this way, your skills improved much and you can further make special plans for your life. Many trusted sites are offering online jobs to skillful members of internet. You can work for others by using your skills and in return they pay money. This type of making money is mostly appreciated and money is guarantee. All computer related and writing skills are demanded. The sites offering online jobs are:





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