Mostly Used HTML Tags

Basic Tag

  • <html>All the other tags used in between</html>

Head Tag

  • <head>The title tag used inside</head>

Title Tag

  • <title>Title here which displays at the title bar</title>

Body Tag

  • <body>All the content write inside</body>

Paragraph Tag

  • <p>Write the paragraph inside</p>

Bolded Tag

  • <b>Write the text inside</b>
  • <strong>Write the text inside</strong>

Italicized Tag

  • <i>Write the text inside</i>
  • <em>Write the text inside</em>

Underlined Tag

  • <u>Write the text inside</u>

Changing font color Tag

  • <font color=”red”>Write the text inside</font>
  • <font color=”#0099ff”>Write the text inside</font>

Changing font size Tag

  • <font size=”13px”> Write the text inside</font>
  • <font size=”large”> Write the text inside</font>

Adding links Tag

  • <a href=”Write the URL inside” target=”_blank”>Write Link inside</a>
  • target=_blankis indicating that the link will open in a new browser window; to open the link in the same window you can remove it.

Adding images Tag

  • <img src=”Write the image URL inside” border=”1px #000 solid” align=”right” />

Adding a horizontal divider between sections on your webpage

  • <hr />

Adding a line break Tag

  • <br>
  • <br/>
  • <br />

Making a numbered list Tag

  • <ul>Write the text inside</ul>
  •  <ol>Write the text inside</ol>


We can assist you for more Tags.

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