How to Present a Presentation

Presentation is an effective way to represent an idea to the people. The idea that can change the one’s thought. Presentation can cover huge distances in few minutes.

The following steps should be taken to present a presentation.


  1. Preparation


Presentation is somehow a difficult task but can easily be done by preparation. Preparation is a process of making something ready. This process involves:

  • Checking the data for accuracy
  • Maintaining the data from raw form to meaningful information
  • Using graphics for better visuals


  1. Keep it short

keep it short

For a presentation, less is more. No one likes to stay for a long period of time in the same topic because it becomes a bore activity for all. Gather the required information and put it into the slides. Don’t try to use the same point for a number of times. This will become a cause of distraction.


  1. Value the time

Time business concept.


Time is an essential part of a presentation. Either it creates or it destroys. As a presenter consumes a lot of time to create a meaningful presentation, therefore, it is easy for him to convey his message to the people in no time. Use time management techniques and also use stop watch during practice for a number of times.


  1. Be well Dressed


A good presentation also needs good and nicer dressing. This is a source of comfort and confidence for the presenter. Try to wear reasonable dressing. Don’t wear such dressing that can be a cause of distraction like for a female presenter, heels sometimes be a discomfort while moving around. Avoid wearing the pinching colors because in this way, the audience will unable to have a visual contact.


  1. Use body Language


Body language plays a key role in effective communication and it is a very useful social skill. Gestures help more in understanding. Therefore, this also helps the presenter to fix the audience attention in clarifying the topic.

Don’t gaze (look fixedly) a particular person for a long, but make an eye contact. If you move when you speak, you will get audience attention and can reinforce your ideas more closely.


  1. Keep Audience Attentive

keep audience attentive

It is the most crucial task during presentation. Audience decide, is your presentation like or unlike?

For a thrilling presentation, involve the audience by

  • Eye contact
  • Ask questions
  • Figure out the important aspects
  • Telling a story
  • Call their names because they like their presence in the topic
  • Thank them

Don’t talk too quickly because this will kill the audience attention. Treat like there is a connection between the presenter and the audience.


  1. Practice


It is an act of rehearsing again and again and it is also a learning method.

A well saying “Practice makes perfect”.

Practice gives confidence. Confidence is inside the body that can be achieved by hardworking and by creative working. As a presenter create a presentation and he/she knows more about it then the people who listen.

Much necessary task after creating and preparing for the presentation is to practice.

Practice helps you to get:

  • Time management
  • Confidence
  • Verbal skills
  • Command on the topic

Practice gives you strength before presenting in front of others. Practice can help a presenter to get rid of the problems of verbal repetitive movements like ‘Um…’, ‘Uh…’and ‘Ah…’ and also physical repetitive movements like playing and clenching the palms and itching over the body.

Go in-front of the mirror and start presentation. Check out the way you talking about, your body language, your time approach. Do it again and again until you can say confidently I’m prepared.

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