How to quit Smoking

You have already listened that “Smoking is injurious to health”.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), about 1.1 billion people i.e., one in every three adults are smokers. China is in the top of the list in producing as well as in consuming.

To quit something there should be some determination. But to quit Nicotine, there are few steps for its eradication.


  1. Self Awareness

Very first thing that a smoker should have to know is the awareness of the reality that smoking is abusive to health. Be conscious about your health. Talk to yourself and be hopeful that you are determined to abstain from smoking and soon your name will not be in the list of smokers.


  1. Stay Calm

It is hilarious to say someone that “you are a smoker, don’t be worry stay calm”. But to stay away from smoking, you really need to calm by doing your routine duties on time. Never make it a load that “I am a smoker and how can I get rid it of, it’s difficult task for me”. Take a long breathe and say it’s not difficult to me as I start, I quit. You feel relax.


  1. Prepare Yourself

This is the most effective part to quit smoking. As you have self awareness and you are calm against smoking. So, get ready to prepare yourself to leave smoking. Preparation is the key to becoming a lasting nonsmoker. Make an utter preparation by destroying all the cigarettes that you have in your pocket and in drawer. There is no shortcut to achievement. Life requires thorough preparation to get succeed.


  1. Exercise Strengthens

Physical exercise is good in all ways. Whenever you are desired of smoking, go to an open place and take long breathe in fresh air. Make it your hobby to accomplish this task two to three times daily. This will reduce your wish for smoking. Drink a plenty of water that will eliminate the toxic materials like nicotine from the body. Make a list or a calendar of a month and do timely exercises and also play indoor games that will make up your mind.


  1. Think Positive

By the way, it is a positive thinking to quit smoking and a positive attitude makes everything easier. There are two possibilities, one possibility is that you are the slave of your mind and second is that the mind is your slave. Whenever you are thinking that you can’t quit smoking, feel its disadvantages. Positive thinking always gives positive results.


  1. Company Matters

Company is the most effective element to one’s life. It will ruin or make up one’s life. So, quit the smokers company. It is famous that the addicted firstly gives you free smoking and when you become addicted to it then he demands for money. Might be your decision to quit the smokers’ company effect others too and they also feel guilty and quit smoking.


  1. Pain & Pleasure

Sometimes change becomes a fear in life. We wonder, What if I stop smoking cigarettes, but I die of cancer anyway and I’ve given up the pleasure that cigarettes used to give me? We have mixed emotions where both pleasure and pain linked together and in this case, our brain is uncertain as to what to do. Here commitment helps more to get rid of pain and have pleasure for the rest of life.


  1. Use medical help

There are centers in about all the countries that help the smokers. They use the drugs in place of nicotine to enable the person to quit smoking. For pregnant ladies, it is harmful to smoke because it effects badly to child growth.  Now natural herbs are helping much in this concern. Herbs like Lobelia which is a powerful herb that makes the effect of cigarette very bad. Other herbs are also helpful in different ways like Peppermint, Black cohosh, Blue Vervain, Catnip and more.

If this article helps you to quit smoking then necessarily help others too.

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