How to Remove Write Protection from USB

Write protection disables the USB to work properly and disables the functioning of editing within the USB.
To remove the Write protection from USB, use the following steps:

1. Check the USB Switch

write protection lock
Very first, checkout your USB’s lock which is either at the bottom or at any side of the USB. This lock is very similar to your Memory Card lock which disables the proper usage of the USB. Open the lock. And plug in the USB to your machine either computer or laptop.

2. Open the REGEDIT

Regedit is the registry editor. To open the registry editor, click to the start menu and then RUN or you can use the shortcut key Win + R to open the RUN. Now write regedit at the blank space and then press OK. In Windows 8, 8.1, you can easily search the registry editor by using Win + S, and then search regedit. You will get the regedit, select it.

3. Find the StorageDevicePolicies

find the storage device policies
After opening the registry editor, you will receive about five HKEY folders with different names. Expand the HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE folder. Then the SYSTEM folder, then expand the CurrentControlSet folder, then expand Control folder. In Control folder, find the StorageDevicePolicies.

4. Edit StorageDevicePolicies

edit the file
To change the write protect value, double click the WriteProtect key in the StorageDevicePolicies folder. Change the value from 1 to 0 and then press OK.

5. Create StorageDevicePolicies folder

create StorageDevicePolicies
In most cases, the folder StorageDevicePolicies is not available in the registry editor. To create StorageDevicePolicies folder, right click the Control folder. Select New, then key and name it as StorageDevicePolicies.

6. Create WriteProtect file

create write protect
In the StorageDevicePolicies folder that you have yet newly created. Open this folder, right click in the blank space, select new, and then DWORD (use the bits according to your need). Name the new file as WriteProtect and put value 0 in the value field and press OK.

7. Restart your Machine

Now restart your machine to effect the registry editor and user USB will work properly.

Note: Remember one thing that name the files and folder as mentioned above. Do not make changes like small letters, capital letters or make spaces.

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