How to take Screenshot using Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is another method to screenshot an image. You can easily share the image to others. You can use it to share stories and other interests.

snipping tool
You are able to capture the PC screen or window fully or partially.

Find the Snipping Tool in Windows

In Windows 7, click Start Menu, then go to All Programs and then Accessories, there you can find the Snipping Tool.

snipping tool Windows 7
In Windows 8 and 8.1, use the search in the right edge of the screen. Enter the Snipping Tool in the search box, you will get a few suggestions and then click on the Snipping Tool. And you can use Win + S, the shortcut key to search the Snipping Tool.

snipping tool in windows 8


Types of Snips

There are four types of Snips.

snipping tool new


  • -Free-form Snip

This snip is form free; you can draw any type of shape with your mouse or pen.

free-form snip


  • -Rectangular Snip

You can make a rectangular shape of object through this snip.

rectangular snip


  • -Window Snip

Select a window like a dialog box or a folder to snip.

window snip


  • -Full-screen Snip

This snip is used to capture the whole screen.

full-screen snip


Capture a Snip

After opening the Snipping Tool, Use any one of the above type to capture an image. Click the New button and choose the type of snip you want and capture the image.


Save a Snip

Now it is time to save the snip. Simply press Ctrl + S to save the file or you can use the Save As option from the File menu. Name the file and save it.

save snip


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