How to take Screenshot in Windows

You often stuck into a problem while using software and unable to understand and to tell others to have the best, possible solution. Operating systems has made it easier to tell others about the problems through screenshot. You can easily make an image of your problem and send it to your friend or to any forum (like forum) to get solution. Screenshot helps you to indicate your problem more and more clearly. It can also be used to make desktop backgrounds, for notes and for presentation purposes.

A few steps can help you to take screenshot:


  1. Find the screenshot key on the keyboard

It is good to know the screenshot key on your keyboard. In ordinary keyboard, it is placed in between the F12 (function key) and Scroll Lock at the upper right corner of the keyboard.



And in laptops, it is mostly placed in between the pause key and delete key at the upper right corner of the keyboard.

laptop keyboard


  1. Take a Screenshot

Press the alt + print screen key to take a screenshot of the window that you want to capture. The image will copy into the clipboard which is invisible. The data which copied is placed in the clipboard but for temporary time period. Mostly the laptops have the fn (function key) that is used in a compact layout to combine keys which are kept separate. This key is used because the size of the keyboard of laptops is small.

fn key

Make a combination of Alt + fn + Print Screen to take a screenshot in laptops.


  1. Paste the Screenshot

After copying the window through the Alt + Print Screen, now you have to paste it. In Windows XP and 7, click to Start menu, then All Programs and then Accessories, now click to the Paint.



In Windows 8 and 8.1, you can search Paint from the Start menu.

paint in windows 8


Paste the captured copy window image into the paint by Ctrl + V or by right click on the Paint window and select paste. The copied image can also be pasted into the Wordpad, Corel Paint, Adobe Photoshop and other software which has capability.


  1. Save the Screenshot

Now it is time to save the screenshot. Simply press Ctrl + S to save the file or you can use the Save option from the File menu. Name the file and save it.

file menu


  1. Use the Snipping Tool

Snipping tool can also be used for screenshot purpose. This is easy to copy the wanted window and paste it to the snipping tool. For more details to know the snipping tool see “How to take screenshot using Snipping Tool.

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