Why education is necessary?

Education is the transfer of skills, knowledge or habits from one to another.

The rate of poverty in modern era should have to meet the rate of education to reduce poverty.

Anyhow, let us move to the necessity of education.


Knowledge is the most effective way to have education. It gives you the knowledge of the whole world. It gives you the ability to have your own opinions and point of views. You can compete the updated environment by your knowledge. But you can pay its right by sharing it to others. Moreover, knowledge is not limited, its aspects increasing the more you indulge in it.


Education is necessary because it equips you with the skills that are beneficial for you in career development.

Better Education gives better results.

It is easy to have degrees than the progressing education. In every field of life education proves to be a gift.

You have nothing in serious than your career.

Your education speaks more when you are ready to face the job related problems. But job will not be a problem when you are well educated. So, keep in mind ‘never harm your-self to have no education’. It keeps you in the track and holds you like a parachute while swimming in the air.

Character building

A child by birth is not educated but when he/she pass the rest of life, the education matters. Mother use her education to start building the character of her child with her husband. Later the same child drive the life by his/her own then the most important tool that all inspiring is the ‘character’.

Never ignore to polish the character because the spoiled paint is not liked.

Education helps us in the planning for future destination. How to compensate the dreadful realities of life without losing the character? This all is done by education.


You are respected by your education. Education describe you the most righteous path at which you have to walk.

Education tells you the distinguish between the right and the wrong. Education fills your heart with the importance of the blessings that are freely given by God. Education makes you a leader who can revolutionize in no minute.

Bulb is required for light but you required education to enlighten.

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