How to write Application Letter for Job

Application letter is like a first impression for job seekers. A CV or resume is enclosed along with a job letter. The employer very firstly sees the application letter before considering to CV. It is good to write the application letter precisely so that it can affect much to employer. Always try to write the application letter with positive words which gives positive result.

A precise application letter has the following step by step criteria.


  1. Write your Address

Application letter starts with your address from where you are writing your letter. It is good to write the permanent address or the current address.


  1. Write Employer’s Name and Address

Now write the name of the employer to whom you are applying and also write the address of the employer where you are sending your letter.


  1. Write the Subject

Subject is the most crucial part to identify that why you are writing the application letter for the job. Indicate the position to which you are applying and also write the name of the location where the company is located.


  1. Write the Respectful Name

You have to write the name of the person to whom you are writing for the job. Write as “Respected ______”, in the dash either you can write the name of the employer if you know his/her name or you can write Sir/Madam.


  1. Start the Letter with a Purpose

You need to start the letter by telling the purpose of your writing. Its purpose is the position for which you are applying. Write the position as well as the location of the company with suitable manners.


  1. Write the Qualification & Experiences

Write your last qualification which is suitable for the job. Experience of the related field is also very helpful to have the job. Write the time period of the experience of the field. You can also write the name of the company from where you have got the experience.


  1. Write your Vision

Your vision is the positive statement which explains how you think you contribute to the company. You can write your skills and interests that will prove to be an asset for the company. Also write a thanking statement at last.


  1.  Close the letter

The closing of the letter must contain a sincere statement like “Yours Sincerely or Yours Obediently”. At the next line write your name, at the next your permanent address and at the next your contact number. This all information will be mention at the left side and put the date at the last but at right side.

Signature can be used below your contact number.

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