How to make a CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Remember Job requires a CV. It has few information of your own like your name, your contact, your address, your qualifications, your experiences, your hobbies, and your interests and much more that help you to get a job. CV should have to be easy to read and have all the possible content because the interviewer has your entity in terms of CV. Microsoft Word is the more using software to write a CV.

The following steps help you to make or write a CV.



  • Design a Layout

Layout is the process of setting out the material on a page. It decide the sections for different information within CV. A CV has a number of different layouts. The layout must remain the same throughout. Make sure that all the contents are easy to read within CV layout. In a layout, name and contact should be more prominent. Use borders of different styles.


  • Write an Objective

Objective is of about three to four lines that describes your personal statement for a job. It indicates your determination and goal for the job. It may be different for different type of jobs. Write objective roughly in a notebook for a number of times.  Don’t make it too long that one need enough time to read. Place the objective after the name and contact information.


  • Make section for Name and Contact

Make a much prominent section for Name and Contact because the organization to which you are applying for a job need to call you by your name and contact is mean for communication. It is good to bold these or to write these at the top of other contents.


  • Make a section for Picture

A CV requires your recent photograph. Try to insert a latest picture. In this way, you can easily be identified by the organization.


  • Make a section for Father’s Name, DOB, Marital Status, NIC and the languages

Try to write the Father’s name, DOB (Date of Birth), Marital Status (may be married or unmarried means single), NIC (National Identity Number) and languages (to which you have command) in the same section. Also write the passport number in the same section if you are applying for international job.


  • Make a section for Address

In this section, write your permanent address so that the company can send you the Job Letter to the same address. You can either use your home address or any other which is quite suitable to contact you.


  • Make section for Qualifications

This section explains your school, college and university education. Mention the qualification, name of school or board, and the year, you can also mention the division or grades in the respective qualification like

BSCS (University name, city)                 1st Division                     2001 – 2005


  • Make section for Experiences

Experience is the practical knowledge about a field in which you worked. Write the time period of the job that you have already done in different fields. You can write the internship time period also. Try to write the exact time of experiences which are mentioned in your experience certificates.

Remember more you right more you trusted.


  • Make a section for professional Training and Certifications

If you have completed professional certifications like Engineering Courses, Computer Courses etc and you have got training to these certifications then write the certifications of all the courses and also write training of certifications, time may also be mentioned for training duration. Sometimes, professional training does not include certifications and instead of certification you have training of a profession. So, don’t hesitate to write the training of the profession because skills required for a job.


  • Make section for Hobbies

Hobby is a leisure activity that you done regularly. It may be net surfing, blogging, book reading, social gathering etc. Your hobby in a CV describes what you do in your free time. It is good to do something than to do nothing in free time. So, be committed in your free time and enjoy your hobbies.


  • Make section for Interests

Interest describes your attention to know or to learn about something. Write your interest that may be similar to your qualifications or to your hobbies. If you have done MBA then you prefer to be a banker or if you are qualified of MCS then your interest is in computer sciences. Similarly, net surfers interested in internet jobs. Interest mostly not a single one. Write all of your interests of fields that you wanted.


  • Make a section for References

Reference is needed to ensure the organization that you are loyal and can be trusted. This will be furnished by someone who knows you and also the organization authorities. If you have confirmed reference for an organization then write the name and contact of the person who refers you. References may be more than one. In case, if you have no reference but you are able to find a reference then write “reference will be furnished if required”.


  • Check font, Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

It is also very important to check out the mistakes. Because your CV is working for you like a first impression, so, make good care of your font, grammar and also the spelling mistakes. Font must be readable. Read number of times your CV after you have finished and edit it, if you see any mistake and for more convenience you can check it to others. MS Word can easily checkout the spelling as well as the grammatical mistakes.

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